Thursday, December 4, 2008

New PPIC Poll on Proposition 8

The Public Policy Institute of California has released two polls: one on Proposition 8 and the other a more general survey of "Californians and Their Government." Here is a "Capitol Alert" from the Sacramento Bee summarizing the results and here is the analogous article from the San Francisco Chronicle. And here is a link to the PPIC summary of its findings re Proposition 8, a link to the summary of "Californians and Their Government" and a link to the full report. The Prop. 8 survey found that the best predictors of votes on Prop. 8 were religious affiliation and socio-economic status, not race (although they didn't break down the "non-white" category by ethnicity). The poll also says that opposition to same-sex marriage has declined since 2000 and 2004, but has remained constant since 2005. Finally, the broader poll found that, paradoxically, Californians like the initiative process, trusting themselves more than their elected officials, but feel that there are too many initiatives, too much money is spent on them and they are too confusing.

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