Sunday, August 16, 2009

California Forward's Proposals To Revise The California Constitution

Here's a different approach than the con-con, a set of proposals from a business-backed group called California Forward to revise the California Constitution. The proposals are discussed in this article from the Sacramento Bee. Other than a requirement that new funding sources be identified for new programs, and perhaps a two-year budget cycle, there's not much here to warm the hearts of Republicans or conservatives. So this proposed revision probably wouldn't get the two-thirds vote of the Legislature necessary to put it on the ballot. And you couldn't put it on the ballot by initiative, because (a) a measure with all these changes would probably fall afoul of the single subject rule; and (b) it would be a revision of the constitution, which you can't do by initiative. So it's hard to see where this is headed. If they can't get the Legislature to pass it they would have to split it up into several measures, which is expensive and changes the political dynamic considerably.

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